Friday, 25 October 2013

Progress to My Inner Beyoncé Part 1

This is where my life turns around.  I'm ready to get myself back.  I feel like I lost a lot of myself becoming a mother.  That probably sounds resentful or bitter, but I needed very much to focus on being a mom, since not much of it came very naturally.  Anyway, our life still pretty much revolves around little O, but I have decided it's time to scrape little bits of myself back again.  I have my son to thank.  It's very possible that I would have no motivation to improve myself if it weren't for him.  He has to have a happy, healthy mommy so he can be happy and healthy himself and so he can learn about what real women are.

First:  Fitness
Okay, this doesn't really count as "getting myself back" since I was actually NEVER in shape to start off with.  However, I'm hoping this is the time I actually stick to a fitness regimen/goal/program/whatever.  I'm making a commitment to get active, and it's HARD HARD HARD, but I'm hoping by writing about it and posting about it, I'll stick to my guns.

I read that Beyoncé lost her baby weight (that concept is so weird and uncomfortable to me, but still) with 90 minutes of working out a day.  Technically, I guess I could do that, but I would rather start with a half an hour every other day.  I also read that "No matter how slow you exercise, you're lapping everyone on the couch".  That's more my speed.  So I decided to start running.  It doesn't require a membership, I don't have to go to a special location at a special time, I get more time outside, and since I can't run with my glasses on, I can't tell if people are looking at me funny.  Which they probably are.

I went to Aerobics First, got fitted with some running shoes, a sports bra, and a couple long-sleeved running shirts, and downloaded a couple apps to get me from the couch to running.  I would highly recommend Aerobics First, a smallish shop on Quinpool Road, Halifax.  The staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and truly want to get you what you need.  They were exactly what I needed: accepting of me being a completely out of shape running n00b.  There was another store I tried first for a bra (will remain nameless), and the employees didn't quite know how to help me, being a beginner and large-breasted.  I left there less-than-happy.  Normal stores just aren't for me, I guess.  Oh well, I got what I need!

I got out and started running using the Couch to 5k app, and the tech has been a bit unreliable so far, but with the advice of a couple people, I think I'll have that under control, too.

Today's supposed to be a running day for me, but I might rest today too, since I did some pretty tough (for me) yoga today (including a handstand, people!).  Tomorrow looks good for an evening jog/pant/swear/sweat/sing/hobble.

What makes you get up and go?